"I lived in one of Barry's properties on Broad Ave. for 3 years, and I would definitely recommend him! He is attentive and handles himself with friendly professionalism. Even though I am no longer at that property, he still has wished me a happy birthday every year, 2 years later. He handled any issue that arose in a timely manor, and maintained the property well. Great price for the location and size. All around a great guy and landlord."

-- Naomi Phillips - 1507 B Broad Ave. - December 4, 2020

"Barry was a fantastic landlord. He was great at responding to emails or calls within 24 hours. Things that needed fixing were fixed ASAP, which can be hard to find with other landlords. I highly recommend renting with him."

-- Aspen Clements - 236 B Old Lynchburg Rd. - January 21, 2018

"I have lived in one of Barry's properties for nearly three years now, and highly recommend him as a landlord. He takes his business seriously, requiring background checks and renter's insurance for tenants, and understands the leases and legal rights of both parties inside and out. It shows that he deeply cares for his properties and their inhabitants--he responds to service calls promptly, ensures that the yard and pavements are maintained and de-iced when necessary, and even sends birthday cards to his tenants.... If an attentive, considerate, and by-the-books landlord is who you seek, then look no further."

-- Gabe Planas - January 18, 2018

"I was quite satisfied with Barry as a landlord. There are two things that set him apart from other landlords with whom I have dealt. First, as others have said, he takes the proactive approach to explain to tenants both their responsibilities and their rights under the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act. This is a refreshing change of pace from other (larger) landlord/property holding companies, who are not as interested in the details of the VRLTA. Second, Barry's responsiveness is impressive, as he is consistently quick to respond via e-mail or phone. He treats tenant concerns seriously, and works as appropriate to resolve them. In short, I would not hesitate to rent from Barry again or recommend him to a friend."

-- August 25, 2017

"I rented a top-floor apartment in a two-level house from Barry, living with a roommate for one year. Barry really knows his stuff when it comes to renting out property--both his and renter's rights. Prior to signing the lease, he sat down with us to go over it in person to make sure everything was clear. It was easy to get in contact with Barry (I preferred email, and he would always respond promptly). Lawn care (mowing and spraying for pests) was taken care of, so we didn't have to worry about that ourselves. We made sure to take good care of the property and we had no issues in getting our deposit back on move-out. Would have loved to stay, but both my and my roommate's living situations changed, and a move was necessary."

-- August 2017

"It was a great pleasure for us to live in this property on Broad Street. The house is cosy, cute and welcoming. Barry does his best to ensure that the property is well taken care of and in return expects that his tenants take care of it as their own. We enjoyed staying there for under 2 years (we had to sublet as we moved into our own home). It is quiet, peaceful, scenic and a great neighborhood, very accessible to UVA and downtown etc. Barry makes great efforts to know his tenants and that is a plus point! You can always discuss with him on any issues regarding to the property!"

-- Eusebio and Ryan - September, 2016

"Barry is a very kind and attentive landlord. All maintenance concerns were addressed in the most timely manner. The location is great!"

-- Polina Mischenko - September 2016

"Barry is a wonderful landlord. He genuinely cares about his tenants and his properties, which was manifest in his instant attention to any problems we encountered - he would typically fix them within the same day - and personal touches, such as yearly birthday cards. I lived on Valley Road Ext., and the property was in beautiful shape and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended!"

-- Caitlin Hamilton - August 2016

"My wife and I rented from Barry for almost 3 years and the entire tenure was a consistently great experience. As a landlord, he's hands on - most maintenance or pest control issues were fixed within 24 hours. At the same time he wasn't intrusive and gave us advance notice if he or a workman were planning to enter.

On a personal level he was extremely easy to work with and helpful when needed. I'd love to rent from Barry again if the situation arose!"

-- James and Julie Vance 8/4/16

"Barry is not only an outstanding landlord, but also just a great guy in general. He is probably the most attentive landlord I've ever had, and was always quick to respond to any calls/emails for repairs around my apartment. From the start, he is upfront with you about anything you ask. He gives an honest assessment of the utility costs for the apartment and takes the time to carefully review the lease with you. Once you've moved in, he frequently checks in to make sure everything is running smoothly and going well for you. He is very easy to work with, and seems to genuinely care about tenants. In terms of the apartment I rented from him, it was obvious that it had been well-maintained and I found it to be very reasonably priced."

-- Garren - 1506 B Broad Ave. April '15

"Every time we have to move our car (just today even) for street parking we are reminded of what a blessing it was to spend a year in your beautiful home in Charlottesville. We hope you're well and business is booming:) - Thanks!"

-- Brad - 1507 A Broad Ave. 3/22/15

"My Dear Mr. Willard,
Please accept my deepest gratitude for shepherding my daughter these past two years. We only met twice, but I could tell that you are a good man. Like the time you found us a hardware store to cut the lock off the u-haul trailer, we forgot the key. There were also many times you responded to her needs related to the apartment. I thank you for that. It was hard to leave a daughter so far away. Keep up the good work for the others who use your apartments.
May we meet again someday.
Thank you."

-- Michael K.

"I rented an apartment for 5 years from Barry. The apartment was very well kept and I never had any major issues during my entire time there. Barry was very responsive to any concerns that I raised, which were not many. He is very available and it is clear that he takes an active interest in his properties and tenants. He maintains a very professional approach toward his business, but yet it is evidence that he cares about his tenants personally as well. I am very grateful to have rented from Barry."

-- D. R. July 2014

"Barry offers solid apartments near UVA for a decent price. He is very easy to work with and quite responsive whenever I had any issue with the apartment. I highly recommend Barry as a landlord. Definitely check out Barry's places and see if they are right for you because he is great as a landlord and the places are quite affordable."

-- James B. 7/11/14

"Of my numerous years of renting in various cities/towns, my living arrangements on Valley Road Extension were easily the best. Barry was an extremely attentive landlord, replacing bulbs, checking fire alarms, cleaning out the roof gutters, and tending to nearly anything else my housemates and I emailed him about. He was respectful of boundaries and never did up-keep on the house, outside or inside, without informing us in advance. He was cognizant of issues that can arise in a house, such as pipes bursting in extremely frigid weather, and would email us to advise the necessary precautions we could take. He was positive and friendly throughout all of our interactions and I would highly recommend him as a landlord to anyone looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective renting arrangement."

-- M. B. 2014

"Working with you was great. You were much more responsive and helpful in terms of explaining details about the properties and the costs it would require than some of the other property management places I contacted. I really appreciated that you even had the utilities cost sheet available when I went to view the apartments. You definitely did not rush me and were very helpful in finding times to meet."

-- Alyssa

"...In my opinion Barry is a very professional person. I can remember, when we discussed the lease before signing, he gave me enough of his time to explain the same and asked if I had any questions. The room quality was above average and rent was reasonable, and we never had major problems in the housing and utilities. Also, I can remember that we called Barry for a leakage in the tap and he repaired the same promptly. Most of all, I remember that Barry sends cookies and chocolate in the Christmas occasion every year to the tenants and wishes me in my birthday every year notwithstanding the fact that I am not living in the house which is nice."

-- Arijit - 1501A Broad Ave

"Barry has been a great landlord. He's available at the drop of a dime and takes care of his property. It's been a pleasure renting from him."

-- Tom Tate (2013)

"I leased one of the units on Valley Road Extended for a year from Barry and can safely say that it was the most pleasant renting experience I've ever had. Aside from being very professional in every sense of the word, Barry is also very personable and one of those people you just enjoy talking to as a person. He was always reachable by phone no matter what time of the day; I distinctly remember bothering him early on a Sunday morning since a groundhog had gotten itself stuck next to my A/C unit. Animal control told me they did not consider it an emergency and would respond the next day if it was still an issue, but Barry showed up within an hour with animal capture net and all! Of course, by the time he showed up the groundhog had burrowed away but he was ready regardless. When my fridge handle needed to be fixed, he was there within a day. When my smoke detector needed to be replaced, it was done ASAP. And somehow despite his very busy schedule, he also remembered my birthday and sent me a very nice card as well as chocolates for Christmas.

If you're looking for someone who is professional, friendly, and dedicated to ensuring that you have a great living experience then you can't get much better than Barry. Trust me, I've lived in a new apartment in Charlottesville every year for the past 7 years and nothing even comes close."

-- G. K. (2013)

"Barry was a very attentive landlord and he went above and beyond in maintaining the property. He salted the stairs in the winter and removed leaves and other lawn debris in the fall to keep the stairwell clean. The few times we had problems with an appliance, he got it repaired and squared away within a few days."

-- Daren and Patience (2013)

"Barry is a really nice guy and very responsive to any issues. He even stopped by with Chocolates around the holidays! He crosses every T and dots every I, so you know the place is well looked after and taken care of."

-- Chris - 1507 B Broad Ave. (6/25/13)

"I lived on Valley Rd Ext for about a year and had the most wonderful time there. Barry keeps the properties well-maintained and regularly checks in to make sure everything is going smoothly. He is also quick to do any repairs that need to be done. One thing that I appreciated about Barry was that he took the time to explain the lease before I signed it. Unlike other landlords who only care about their own liabilities, Barry makes sure that you understand your legal rights and obligations as a tenant. As it was my first time renting a house (vs. an apartment), I was glad that Barry went the extra step to make sure I made informed decisions. Finally, when I needed to find a subletter to finish out my lease, Barry was proactive in helping me find someone who would be responsible and get along with my housemates. Barry is a great landlord and I definitely recommend renting on Valley Rd Ext. It's a great neighborhood!"

-- Sophia (6/19/13)

"Barry Willard is by far one of the best property managers from which I have ever leased. Barry is a consummate professional while being completely accessible. The properties are very well managed and Barry is fantastic to work with."

-- Rachel - 1507-B Broad Ave (6/14/13)

"This was the absolute best landlord I've ever had anywhere ever! I rented two properties from him on various occasions. I have rented several several places in my lifetime. His rentals were always meticulously cared for and he was incredibly respectful and responsive.

We had a short in our kitchen light and called him when we realized it wasn't a blown light. He arrived within the hour and fixed it.

I was working night shift and sleeping during the day and he needed to glaze the windows of the house. He called several days in advance to ask when a good time would be that he wouldn't disturb my sleeping and offered to perform the work in the evening.

I had a cat that completely scratched and ruined the entryway door frame. He offered to fix it himself and charge me or gave me the option to fix it on my own. That is unlike any other experience I've ever heard of and it was completely fair. I fixed it and saved a load of money that any other landlord would have just demanded.

His properties are incredibly reasonably priced and I've never ever had such a wonderful renting experience.

I was moving back into town and as soon as I found out I just called him directly to see if he had anything available. He was the only person I talked to and the only person I needed to talk to.

His properties aren't glamorous and some appliances are out-dated, but they are all very well-kept and clean."

-- T. G. (April 3, 2013)

"We highly recommend Mr. Barry Willard as a landlord. Barry is a very good man and an excellent landlord. You can trust that he will keep his part of the contract. We rented an apartment from Barry for four years, a top floor unit in a red brick house on Valley Road Ext. In fact, this is the longest our family lived anywhere, and we would have stayed longer if circumstances permitted. Barry is very attentive, caring, and more than fair. He always takes good care of his property and responds promptly to any concerns you might have.

I can give several examples of him coming to our rescue, like when I locked all my keys in a car and needed him to let me into my apartment on a short notice, or when I broke a door key that got stuck in a key hole, or when our son stuffed a plastic bottle cap down the drain, and many others. It is true that the home we lived in was old, as most houses in this area are, but it was very well kept, and the grounds around the house are well maintained as well. Plus, the location was perfect: within walking distance to UVA, but far enough from JPA that it was quiet."

-- Katya

"I lived on Valley Road Extended in one of Barry's houses for 5 years when I first moved to Charlottesville. I have nothing but great things to say about Barry. He was the most attentive landlord I have ever had before or since. Also, while living on Valley Rd Ext, I met my husband who was living next door in another one of Barry's apartments! It doesn't get any better than that. :)"

-- Ann - Valley Road Ext.

"I rented an apartment from Barry Willard when I was in graduate school and I would have to say he is the best landlord ever. The apartment was quite livable, clean, safe and affordable. Barry was always responsive to our needs and always very professional. Most important though, Barry is very nice and honest which really matters to me.

In fact, Barry is so good at what he does that when I decided to stop renting and buy a home, I used Barry as my real estate agent. He literally educated me on local real estate and walked me through the purchasing process. He's not in that business anymore, so I feel particularly fortunate to have had him for that experience.

You would be very fortunate to rent from Barry Willlard and I highly recommend him."

-- Allen S. - Crozet, VA

"Barry is a responsive and caring landlord. The only time I had a problem, he was quick to respond. He is really nice and even sent me a card for my birthday! I would recommend him as a landlord."

-- Trisha - 1506 B Broad Ave. (2010-2012)

"Barry is a great landlord. Everything in my apartment was well taken care of, and he was quick to respond to phone calls and emails, which I appreciated a lot. Furthermore, Barry is just a really nice guy and pleasant to deal with. I have no complaints and would definitely recommend him."

-- Erin - 505 B Valley Rd Ext. (2011-2012)

"Barry is an excellent landlord. My wife and I were searching for a home to rent. We ultimately decided to purchase our own since we're staying in the area, but while searching Barry was the most up-front, honest, and professional landlord we dealt with. He's extremely helpful, prepared, and will give you an honest assessment of the property and utilities. Great guy."

-- Stan (2012)

"Barry Willard is an excellent landlord. Everything was kept working and clean. He was always available and easy to reach. We lived on Valley Rd Ext for 2 years without one problem or complaint. The neighbors were nice and the location was very convenient to UVA and the hospitals. An overall great experience!"

-- Lee

"Barry was a good landlord. He kept stuff working and fixed up. My wife and I lived in his properties for about a year and had a good experience. Barry was easy to get in contact with... which I liked. I didn't want to worry about having to harass my property manager to get stuff fixed. After using Barry, I'd suggest that you look for a property management company that is also the owner of the property that they manage (Barry Willard owns all of his rental properties)... this makes a difference in their attitude towards the tenants and the quality of their up-keep."

"I lived at 509B Valley Road Ext. while in graduate school at UVA. Mr. Willard was very understanding of my situation and provided a great place to live while in school. The residence was clean, very affordable, and with up to date appliances. If there were any problems with the residence or appliances, Mr. Willard responded promptly and fixed the issue completely. He would also come by occasionally just to make sure that everything was working well and I was happy with the residence, but would always notify me prior to his arrival just in case I was away. I would highly recommend any property owned by Mr. Willard."

-- Chris (2009-2010)

"Thanks again for your time, Katya said good things about you and you're far more professional than anyone I've dealt with before."

-- Stanley

"We loved living at 1507A Broad Avenue. In fact, when our family grew by one we wished that Barry had a larger house available that we could rent from him! He was quick to correct things that were wrong with the house as well as keeping up with general maintenance but he did that without disrupting or disturbing us."

-- Keir & Natasha (2008-2009)

"Very nice apartment! My family and I lived at 1505-A Broad Avenue and it was great! My mother's favorite feature was the fireplace in the living room. This was a charming , bright spacious apartment that had a lovely eat in kitchen, large bedrooms and the greatest attic rooms ever! The location was perfect for us, especially during football season because we could walk to the stadium. The property was nicely kept inside and out. We would definitely rent from Barry again."

-- Lisa ( 1505-A Broad Avenue 1984-1985)

"I just want to say that on how you were really working with me to help me out, and how fair you were, and how quick you were in responding to any request, etc. You helped me out tremendously. I can't thank you enough."

-- Deanna (507 Valley Rd. Ext. - 2010)

"Barry was always on the ball and immediately fixed any problems or issues that happened to arise. He was also willing to make special accommodations to keep us happy as tenants. For instance, he installed a nice clothes dryer for us when we requested it, prior to our move-in date. The house was well-maintained with no issues. He was our favorite landlord we had in C-ville, and is an all-around nice guy."

-- Lydia and Adam (505 Valley Road Extended, 2006-2007)

"Pleasant property on a quiet street, enjoyed my 3 years living in the spacious attic room very much and reading in the backyard with the blooming pink tree in the afternoons. Landlord is helpful and super handy with fixing things."

-- Gail (1501 Broad Ave. 2008-2010)

"I had a really great experience with Barry. I lived on Old Lynchburg Road in one of his apartments. It was clean and had no "broken stuff". I remember it being an easy place to live.

My wife and I needed to get out of our lease early when we moved and Barry found a new tenant to cover the costs. He could have let us pay double and left the responsibility of subletting to us. He took care of it, instead. I would rent from Barry anytime."

-- Bryant (236 Old Lynchburg Road 2008-2010)

"I rented from Mr. Willard many years ago, and had a great experience with him as my landlord. Never had any problems at all. The apartment was very nice, and he was very good at fixing all complaints, though there were few."

-- Beth (505 Valley Rd. Ext.)

"I rented from Barry Willard for two years while studying at UVa and would recommend him and his properties to anyone looking for a place to live in the area. Barry is a very attentive landlord, always making sure that his apartments are safe and well-maintained. Any minor issues that arose with my apartment were addressed that same day."

-- Beth (1506 Broad Ave. 2008-2010)

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